Welcome to Brick Row Computers!

Since 1995, we have been enabling corporations, government agencies,
and individuals to achieve their business goals.

Here at Brick Row we handle a full range of computer products and services,
offering our customers the highest quality at the most economical cost.

The following represents our Product and Services Line:

  • Nationwide Dial Internet Service with Local Access Numbers,
  • Business and Home Networking-Wired or Wireless
  • Internet Domain Names and Cost Effective Web Hosting
  • Custom and Economical Web Pages
  • A Complete Line of Discounted Office Supplies Custom Built Desktop Computers
  • Lenovo Laptop Computers
  • Repairs and Upgrades for all brands of computers
  • Brick Row Command Anti Virus Solution
    Stopzilla Anti Spyware, Malware and Adware Software  
  • Reduced Rate Remote Support for your computer from our office!
  • Computer Parts and Great Service !
  • Email : service@brickrow.net
    Phone (518) 767 3299
                     (888) 865 3299 
     Fax     :    (480) 287-8349

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