Hello, and, once again, Apologies for the intrusion.

Over the years we have continually attempted to make Brick Row Internet Service the best it can be and keep the price as low as possible. Recently, the entire Internet structure has been used by those who take advantage of things like unwanted pop-up screens and bulk email and, as a result, our use of the Internet and our email system has been inundated with many forms of junk- mail, some even include virus attachments and assorted pop-ups that invade our privacy while using the network.


We have also been looking to increase the speed of the network, keeping cost in mind but trying to do whatever it takes to raise the level of service.


We believe we have accomplished most of the goals set out for the service and, as a result, effective during the month of May, Brick Row will be introducing an updated service that will, among other things, offer the following:

 1. Web based E-Mail-This will allow you to go to a specific web site to check and send email. Doing such will not require you to download all of the mail to your computer—you will be able to select the ones you want or don’t want and either read them or delete them. The ability to delete unwanted messages without downloading them to your computer greatly reduces the chances of having virus-laden email enter your computer. You can also check and send email from your account no matter where you are.

            This may indeed be the email system of the future.

In any case, you will still be able to continue using Outlook Express for e-mail in the conventional manner.

2.         Using an online telephone number list(similar to this one), you will be able to connect to Brick Row at just about anyplace in the U.S. using a local number.

3          A web surfing accelerator(‘BrowseBlast’) will be installed on your computer allowing it to utilize the service of an accelerated network specifically designed to speed up access to the web. This service has worked out very well in our testing. This accelerator will be optional and will cost an additional $1.05 per month using the new service. You can take a look at the product by going to http://browseblast.com/howdoesitwork.asp .

4.         At the ISP level, the email headers will be checked against a continuously updated list similar to http://www.spamcop.net that will eliminate a large portion of unwanted email.

5.        A pop-up blocker will be incorporated into the software so those annoying things will no longer be much of a problem and is included in the Browse Blast software.

6.       For economic reasons, as of the start of the new service, maximum usage will move from unlimited to 150 Hours per calendar month.

Unfortunately, the anti-spam software cannot be separated from the Browse Blast application. If this feature is not important to you, then there will be no discernable change to your Internet service other than the elimination of a large percentage of unsolicitied email.

We trust you will be happy with the service and we here at Brick Row will continue to look for ways to improve it. Shortly you will be contacted to arrange for a couple of small changes that need to be made to your computer-at your convenience. We were able to do all the behind the scenes work so that your email address can remain the same.

In conclusion, we Thank You for your patience and ask that you please click HERE to send an email indicating whether you want to opt into the Browse Blast software. The email will be acknowledged and an appointment will be set up at your convenience.

Please let us know your thoughts about the changes.


Thank You.

Joe Scalzo,

Brick Row Technical Services

518 767 3299
888 865 3299