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Brick Row Remote Support Page

By prearrangement with Brick Row, you will be able to use this page to assist in the connection of your computer to the Brick Row Trouble Desk Computer. Clicking on this SUPPORT link will cause a dialog to begin that will:

1. Allow a small file to be downloaded to your computer
2. You need to click on the resulting 'Open' box
3. You will then need to acknowledge that you will be allowing the remote control of your computer by Brick Row
4. At this point, you will be presented with a box containing Click once on the name and then OK
5. Shortly, Brick Row personnel will be able to access your computer to work with issues previously identified.

From time to time during the work period, you may see a note being sent to you to ask for your intervention. By keying in your response you will be assisting in problem resolution.

Once the session is complete, Brick Row will terminate the session.

Once again, this can only be accomplished by prearrangement and when the actual problem and fee have been agreed upon.

We hope to reduce your outage in this manner.

Please call 518 767 3299 to set up a session. Help Desk rates vary from $30 per hour and may increase, depending on the operating system and the issue. There is a minimum of one hour charged per incident.

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